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Elevate Your Bathroom’s Beauty

Let your bathroom reflect your unique style with a custom-made vanity. Don’t just settle for a one-size-fits-all cabinet that doesn’t suit your tastes or give you the storage you need. Diverse Craftsmen can build you a custom-made vanity with a configuration that works for you.

Different people have different storage needs for the bathroom. Some might prefer drawers while others require cabinets to house medicines, beauty items, and more. No matter what you desire, we are able to design and construct something that provides you the space you need. We also incorporate the sinks and faucets of your choosing into your custom-made vanity. At the end, you will have a custom addition that gives your bathroom exclusive beauty.


Crafting Your Custom Vanity Cabinets

Our years of woodworking experience enables us to design and install quality custom vanity cabinets that reflect your personal style. We use CAD and 3D renderings so you can get an overall vision of the project. During the planning phase, our professionals guide you through your choices, offering recommendations to help you achieve your desired look. When we’re ready for installation, the owner of Diverse Craftsmen will be there to personally oversee and complete the project to ensure you are satisfied.

We offer a range of wood choices to craft your custom-made vanity, from classics such as pine and oak to more exotic woods like maple and walnut. Our professional painting and staining services will give your finished product the unique appearance you want. If you need existing vanities removed, our demolition services takes care of that for you.


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