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Beautiful Custom Wainscoting for Your Home

Want to give your plain walls more personality? Wainscoting allows you to upgrade the elegance of any room, providing decoration as well as protecting walls from bumps and scuffs. This wall treatment, generally constructed from solid wood, has experienced a modern resurgence in popularity due to its classic beauty. Diverse Craftsmen brings this traditional element into your home and customizes it to fit your style.

With custom wainscoting, we can help you achieve almost any look you like, from sleek and modern to traditional. We offer several profiles and trim options that can be used to make up the paneling. In addition, you can choose different heights and widths to achieve different effects. The result? A gorgeous custom home addition that will be uniquely tailored to your personal taste.

Wainscoting Styles and Materials

At Diverse Craftsmen, we are there from beginning to end, guiding you through conceptualizing your project to wainscoting installation. We help you select the right materials and style to give you the look you want.

The three most popular wainscoting styles that we install include:

Raised Panel
The most traditional style, raised panel wainscoting provides definition with a beveled panel that is raised from the surface of the stiles and rails.
Flat Panel
Flat panel wainscoting adds intrigue with a thin, flat panel that is made of high-density fiberboard. This option can easily hide minor imperfections or damage.
Recessed Panel
In this style, the panel is recessed from the surface of stiles and rails, giving your walls depth and dimension while adding a clean, stylistic element.

The standard height for wainscoting ranges from 32 to 36 inches high, but we are able to adjust this to accommodate your wishes and needs.

We offer a variety of wood selection from which to choose, from classic types such as pine and oak to more exotic types such as cherry. Painting and staining are also options; in this case, your choice will dictate which species of wood is best to use.

At Diverse Craftsmen, we bring our experience and passion to every custom wainscoting project we undertake, leaving each client with a uniquely beautiful addition that represents their personal style.


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